Alissa White-Gluz // ALISSA

The global metal scene recognizes Alissa White-Gluz for her unforgettable and inimitable work as the vocalist of iconic metal band Arch Enemy. At this point in her career, the versatile singer has worked steadily in heavy bands for half her life. The impactful frontwoman has cultivated her style and her sound through years of writing, recording, touring, and old fashioned, iron-clad work ethic. Alissa is armed with equal skill and experience, as well as abundant artistic confidence, and is backed by the fact that music lovers all over the world are eager to hear more of her astonishing range. That’s why White-Gluz is doing something new.

It’s an entity dubbed simply „ALISSA.“

First things first — White-Gluz remains firmly installed in her role as the frontwoman of Arch Enemy. That status has not and will not change. „This is not me breaking off on my own,“ White-Gluz says assuredly. „This project is about making more of my own music with friends — music that we love to play and that fans will love to listen to. I want to explore another side of my musical personality that is in no way a rebellion or in opposition to what I’m already doing.“

„ALISSA“ is how she moonlights while maintaining her brutal Arch Enemy core. It’s more of a musical collective, led by White-Gluz and featuring contributions from her wide network of also-talented friends.

It was born of White-Gluz’s love of being a vocalist and further exploring her talent. She found her singing voice somewhat arbitrarily. „I didn’t grow up thinking, ‚I have to be a singer, this is my purpose in life,'“ she reveals. „I was in bands as a teenager and it was not super serious. I started a metal band when I was 17. On the local scale, it started taking off. We did one show, then another, then another. I saw the potential and how it could grow. I kept at it and kept working. I was always trying to improve my technique, my skills, and my performance. It was a gradual evolution and a process that is still happening now.“

White-Gluz furthers, „I have always had a passion for vocals and the art of being a frontperson. I appreciate proper vocal technique but I’m far more drawn to vocal experimentation. I need to be convinced of the words that someone is singing. It’s always about voice and lyrics. The delivery highlights the message in the lyrics, the lyrics give the notes purpose.“

The „ALISSA“ project is about style and substance, with White-Gluz affirming, „This album will be very personal. I have a lot of ideas, songs, lyrics, and compositions built up in my brain over the years, I want to get them out this way.“

She continues breaking it down, saying, „Most people know me from being in Arch Enemy, where I focus mostly on my growling vocals. People familiar with some of my other work often ask me, ‚When will we hear your clean singing voice?‘ and other techniques they have heard me do. This is the perfect platform for me to deliver exactly that.“

White-Gluz is stretching her creative muscles and trying new things in a dynamic way. Ultimately, this project further satisfies her desire for full artistic expression, all the while giving fans what they have been asking for. It’s essentially another vehicle for White-Gluz to display her talents.

While she adamantly prefers metal, she likes the idea of tapping into other styles. „I want to make something heavy but vocally unlimited“ she says. That means more cleaning singing and the incorporation of diverse music genres.

White-Gluz is calling upon her vast network of artist peers and friends, including her bandmates, to help her execute and express this vision. „I have been fortunate enough, throughout my career, to be friends with and work with great musicians,“ she humbly states. „They’ve given me the opportunity to sing on their material. I am repaying that favor now and inviting them to contribute to my material.“ Essentially, „ALISSA” will function like White-Gluz’s own creative commune with little in the way of rules, regulations, or limits.

While the project is taking shape, some of the confirmed guests so far include past and present members of Arch Enemy and Kamelot, as well as Doyle from The Misfits. More creative partnerships will be revealed as this exciting and delightfully nebulous project develops and grows. In the meantime, White-Gluz continues to flesh out the material while recruiting players.

The influences for this project span decades. Think everyone from Pink Floyd to Muse to Opeth to early Soundgarden. „I am not into super clean or polished and digital-sounding production,“ White-Gluz confessed. „I grew up, coming of age in the ’90s, and the music was stripped down. I want to include those elements in this album.“

Overall, this project is almost a happy accident. „I was always committed to the bands I was in. And I still am,“ White-Gluz says. „With Arch Enemy, we work hard and make the most of our album cycles. But there is always that small amount of time in which we can let our brains go in other directions. During those moments, I will be writing for this project.“

„ALISSA“ is an entity that has no boundaries and therein lies the musical thrill — for Alissa White-Gluz and her listeners.

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