Chthonic logo CHTHONIC was formed in 1996 in Taiwan. Their music incorporates elements and influences of traditional Taiwanese folk music, enka, oriental oper and pentatonic sclae, accompanied by classical oriental instruments ethu and zheng, Japanese shamisen, as well as Tibetan bells and aboriginal pgaki flutes. Also integral parts of

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CHTHONIC’s music are elements from contemporary symphonic black metal, melodic death metal, blood-boiling riffs and solos. CHTHONIC use their music and lyrics to bring ancient mythology of East Asia history into the modern era, and to build awarenes of the myths and tragic events in the country’s history. The band has played major music festivals around the world and toured in more than 30 countries, remaining as one of the most active Asian bands in the global metal scene. Since their formation, CHTHONIC has released 7 studio albums, the most recent one, “Bu-Tik” (Spinefarm Records, 2013).

Line-up: Freddy Lim (vx, erhu), Jesse Liu (gtr), CJ Kao (kys), Doris Yeh (bs), Dani Wang (dr)

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