VINEGAR HILL, a 5-piece formation from the green heart of Austria, was founded in 2007 in

Leoben/Styria. On the common basis of countless shows and some released records by the former

bands, they focused on their know-how and started working on new songs and their

live performance. After a self-produced rehearsalroom demo in 2007 and some played shows and

contests, where they achieved some pretty good rankings, the band released their first EP

„from deathbeds we ́ll rise“ in 2009, which earned some pretty positive returns in reviews.

The first LP „The Road To Grace“ was worldwide digital released in 2012 on,

combined with a releasetour across Austria. The physical copies were distributed by the band.

After some changes in the lineup of the band, they released 2 new singles incl. diy-videos

in 2014, „Faint Cold Fear“ and „Firebirds“ were both digital released on Acoustics Art Records

and the videos on the YT-Channel BlankTV. This songs pushed the band to the next level,

they found their strength in the new lineup and emerged their style step by step.

In may 2015 followed the second LP „monophobia“ as digital release on and as

self-distributed digipack. „Monophobia“ earned pretty good feedback and reviews in several

webzines around Europe, and was presented on their releasetour with the german

Metalcore-legends DEADLOCK.

Right after touring they were confirmed for the biggest Open Air Festival in Austria.

The band opened the Blue Stage on NOVA ROCK Festival 2015, which is one of the biggest

milestones in bandhistory so far. After several festival- and clubshows in 2015 and 2016

the band released another Single incl. Video, „Risk To Fall“ and started working on new songs

and a new album.

The 3rd full-length album „Ghost Flowers“ was released on Dec. 2nd 2017 on

Art Gates Records and the band also celebrated it ́s 10 years anniversary with the release of this

new record! The band earned great reviews and positive feedback for their 3rd LP from the

international media! Another milestone in bands history was marked with the support of DARK

TRANQUILLITY and EQUILIBRIUM at 6 shows of the ATOMA Europe Tour in April 2018 and

the following cooperation with Noise Gate Productions!

The band is also taking an active part in local events, shows and festivals. In 2015 they founded

the Austrian Rock- and Metalassociation, also known as „BandMeetsBand“ on Facebook.

In this setting they organize clubshows and festivals to support the austrian rock- and

metalscene, and to give undergroundbands the chance to share the stage with international